Here in Newfoundland, we are no stranger to rain. In fact, rain is called for in our forecasts more often than not and heavy rainfall creates slick driving conditions and near no visibility. In these situations, drivers have to adjust their usual driving style to match the rainy road conditions but this doesn’t have to be stressful! Here are some tips to help you get to your destination safely while driving in the rain:

  • Check your windshield wipers

It is important to check your windshield wipers to ensure they are not damaged and are in good working condition. For example, if your wipers are squeaking while on, this indicates that there is damage on the lining of the blades making the wipers unable to efficiently clean the windshield. This results in an unclear visual of the road, and let’s be honest, it is annoying!

  • Turn on your Headlights

By turning on your headlights you increase your visibility but you also allow for other drivers to increase their visibility of you. But remember, keep your lowlights on when there is other traffic around, there is nothing worse than getting high beams shot directly in your face, am I right?!

  • Beware of Hydroplaning

When water builds up on the road it can decrease the amount of traction your tire has causing your vehicle to slip and slide uncontrollably. If you find yourself starting to hydroplane, take your foot off the gas pedal to allow your vehicle to slow down. Once you have slowed down, as crazy as it may sound, slowly steer your vehicle in the direction you are hydroplaning until you have full control again. This will help your tires realign with your vehicle so they are both now going in the same direction, which is what we aim for in any weather conditions!

  • Avoid Big Puddles

As fun as the big splash you get when you drive through a huge puddle of water is, it can be costly! If water gets into the engine, it can damage the internal system. It is best to drive around big puddles when possible but if not, driving slowly through them to create minimal splashing is the next best thing. 

On average, there are over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes each year. Approximately 21% of these crashes are weather-related, 70% being on wet pavement and 46% are during rainfall. So in saying all this, always drive safe and adjust your usual driving style to match the road conditions! If you have any questions about your car insurance or looking for information regarding car insurance, give us a call today at (709) 722-3282.

Drive Safe Everyone!!

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