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Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

After what feels like forever, we can finally go on vacation! Whether you’re planning a quick weekend at the spa or an extended European cruise, here are some things to consider before you kick back and relax.

Use the buddy system

You don’t want your home to look vacant. Use a buddy system, have a friend or neighbor check in on your home, collect the mail, and verify there is no home alone activity.

Shhh … keep it on the down-low

We all get excited about vacations and want to tell the world, it’s well-deserved after all. You don’t want to put a bullseye on your home. When you share too much information online, you’re opening your home up to potential thieves.

Unplug and unwind

While you’re unplugging and unwinding on a Mexican beach, your home devices should be doing the same (well, not at the beach). Disconnect your television, computers, sound systems, toaster, and any other devices that will not be used. We don’t want any electrical fires while you’re away in the sunshine.

Inform us of extended trips

Always contact your broker when spending more than 30 days away from your home. There will be some precautions your insurance company will want you to take. If you fail to inform the insurance company of the extended trip, the consequence could be a denied claim if anything was to happen.

So before you take that well deserved trip, make sure to follow these steps and contact us so you can have total peace of mind while basking in the sun!

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