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Is Your Home Prepared for Halloween?

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind is a night full of costumes, laughter, thrills, and of course, trick-or-treating! But what you may not think about is the flip side. Unfortunately, not everyone goes out looking for treats on Halloween. When the trick-or-treaters go home with sacks full of treats, the tricks can often begin. Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your home is prepared for anything Halloween night may have in store for you:

1. Have Some Kind of Home Security

If you have a home security system, when the trick-or-treaters have gone home, be sure to set your alarm before you settle in for the night. Different ways to protect your home if you don’t have a security system are motion sensor lights; lights that illuminate the whole house can help scare away any mischief makers, and make sure all doors and windows in your home are locked.

2. Make Sure Your Property is Well Lit 

To protect your home from potential threats, make sure your property is well lit, even if you aren’t home! However if you are home but are not participating in the trick-or-treating festivities, keeping your house lit is still very important. In this case, to avoid your door bell ringing every 2 minutes and constant knocking at your door, place a visible sign at the end of your driveway or on your door making it clear you would like to be skipped. This allows you to have a quiet night  and for unwanted guests to realize someone is indeed home!

3. Lock All Doors and Windows

Mischief can happen when you’re handing out candy, so play it safe by locking all of your other doors including garages and cars. The less tricks and the more treats, the better!

4. Use Flameless Candles or lights in Your Jack O’Lanterns

We get it, you worked on jack o’lantern for hours and you just want to show it off! But no one will see your work if it is on fire and burnt to a crisp! Instead of using a real candle to light the inside of your masterpiece, use a faux candle instead. This method allows your jack o’lantern to have the same effect without the added risk! Genius right?!

Before Halloween night sneaks up on you, evaluate your liability coverage. Make sure to check to see if your coverage includes things like a break in, vandalism, fires, etc. It’s always important to keep your home protected from the unexpected, especially on Halloween.

This Halloween, make sure your home is covered against unexpected tricks. Contact us before the 31st to find out if you are covered or to find homeowners insurance that’s right for you.

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