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Dashcams: How They Can Be Your New Best Friend On The Road


Since we’re an insurance company, let’s talk about how dash cams are useful for insurance. Dash cams are a great way to back your story, especially in cases such as accidents. Which means no more “he-said-she-said”. So even though owning a dashcam does not help you save on insurance, it will help choose the right person to be responsible for an accident.

First Time Drivers

Worried about your children driving with their new license? In order to make sure they’re kept safe, and that they’re driving responsibly; a dash cam can be your new best friend! This is a great way to help ease your mind while your kids take the car out for a drive. 

It’s fun!

Aside from all of the seriousness, having a dash cam in your vehicle can be exciting. Say you and your passengers had a funny moment, you can relive the memory. Another great aspect is how a dash cam can capture the amazing landscapes and views that you may come across on road trips, or for when you’re just driving around the city.

Preventing break-ins

Car-theft is common now more than ever. Most dash cams now have a feature that can allow them to be left on all night, meaning you don’t have to worry about never catching a thief. If your car is parked in front of your house, it’s also possible that the cam could catch anyone going into your home that’s unwelcomed.


So, the answer is YES! Dash cams are totally worth the hype. Although these cams are small, they certainly have big advantages.

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