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4 Ways to Winterproof your Home + Pro Tips

Windows and Doors: Ensure there are no drafts

  • Sealing your windows and doors is the best way to keep the cold air outside, and warm air inside your home.
  • The easiest way to detect drafts is to feel around for air coming through possible cracks.

Pro Tip: For a short term fix, applying clear nail polish to a window pane can seal cracks, and prevent further dame. Just remember that this should be a temporary solution.

Siding: Inspect for Damage.

  • Keep an eye out for possible holes/cracks in your siding.
  • This avoids possible mildew.
  • Protects against snow getting through.

Pro Tip: Make sure to only install vinyl siding if temperatures are above freezing temperatures.

Walkways: Keep your Family and Friends Safe.

  • In NL, we aren’t strangers to cold, wet winters. This creates a lot of ice.
  • Regularly inspect and salt areas where you will be frequenting the most.

Pro Tip: If you know a storm is on its way, applying salt before can help prevent ice from forming.

Outdoor Patios: Check your Deck.

  • Remove furniture, pots, BBQ, etc…
  • This helps create an easy environment for you to shovel in.
  • It also prevents weathering of your deck.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a snow blower and you use a shovel, make sure to go along the planks, not against them. This prevents them from potential damage!

Were here to help with your coverage. Now that you’ve covered the basics, make sure you check on your home insurance for this winter. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about home insurance, and give advice on keeping you and your home safe during these winter months. Feel free to call or email us today.

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