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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Insurance

3 Ways Cyber Insurance Can Save Your Business

 if your business is small – you are still vulnerable to cyber attacks

Many people think cyber attacks only happen in large companies, but that’s not the case. Small-to medium-sized businesses are more vulnerable because  they have less funds for cybersecurity. So the bottom line is: every business should have cyber security, especially the ones in the smaller range.

Technological assets are just as important as Physical assets

Many smaller businesses focus more on protecting their physical assets, which then leaves a void in the tech-department. If your business uses email, or manages finance, payroll, orders, or inventories online, then you could be a target for a cyber attack. Cyber hackers usually get access to information from emails and texts. If you want to protect your client and business data, cyber insurance is your best bet.

Investing in Cyber insurance can protect your business from potential bankruptcy

It’s important for businesses to ask themselves whether they can afford not to have cyber coverage. Even a moderate breach can mean bankruptcy for many companies. So an investment in a smart risk management plan can be optimal for the life of your business.

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