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3 Must-do’s When Travelling: Avoiding a Cyber Attack

At the Airport:

Thousands of people go through the airport each day, which makes it the perfect target for a cybercriminal. Make sure you’re staying safe from cyber attacks with these tips.

  • Make sure to protect your boarding pass while travelling, as it has very important information on it.
  • Put electronic devices on the security belt last. Keep in view at all times.
  • Never plug your phone into a public charging station.
  • Connect to known Wi-Fi networks.

In your hotel room:

Always remember that hotel rooms are accessed by hundreds of people every year. This means there could be someone with bad intentions that has stayed there, or is close by to the room. Here’s how you can avoid a cyber attack in your hotel room.

  • Don’t use lamp, wall, or alarm plug-in’s to charge your devices. Always use your own.
  • Never use hotel room safes
  • If you connect to your hotel’s Wi-Fi, use a VPN

Once you get home:

After a long trip and day of travelling, all you want to do is get home and go to bed. Just make sure you do these things to avoid pesky scammers from ruining your day.

  • Shred your boarding pass
  • Change some of your passwords/pin numbers that were used while you were away

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